Where It All Started


Moving home is supposed to be one a the major stress events in life, so popular science tells us. This will be my 4th move in 8 years !!! I seem to thrive on this sort of stress…

The other major life event stresses are losing a loved one – yes it happened.

Break-up of a marriage – yup.

Change of job – in a way continuously in my line of work as an agricultural consultant, but this time I am taking a conscious career break in order to set up a new life.

A new relationship – which goes down surely as a positive, so called Eu-stress, as it is exciting, rewarding and invigorating. This is going so well in fact that we decided after only a year together to up sticks and leave it all behind. Much to the annoyance of my two children, which are 19 and 23 years old. I have to add that my new manĀ and I met at an online dating site with the purpose to find an accomplice in our mutual wish to start a new life.

By now I should be used to wrapping, upping and going. But this time it involves an as yet unknown future location in a country whose language I am not familiar with, despite attempts of learning Spanish in the past 2 years rather sporadically. I am not a natural language-sponge, it takes hard graft for my brain to contain and make sense of any combination of new words. And since I am do not have a very talkative personality I find it hard to apply the new-found words. I am much more comfortable to write down my thoughts and have always done. My mother received carefully crafted letter when I was away from home in my teensĀ and even before that from school tours. They would include some small pieces of colouring and art-work. The art of letter writing is, of course, nearly extinct. Therefore I also had to move with the times and taken to writing not with pen but with my four fingers. But at least I can reach many more people than by posting one single letter. I hope as I get to grips with wordpress my posts will improve and I will learn to add interesting links, pictures, quotes and more.



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