Leaving Ireland via Waterford

On our way to the ferry from Longford, we visited my daughter Elaine in Cork, where she is busy working for 3 months on a dairy farm.

Previously, Nigel let the farm and house near Dromahair for a year, so moving all personal belongings into my little cottage in Co Longford took some organising. My son Frank suggested he’ll be the perfect tenant for my cottage. Running his own household with 19 years and also working very hard on a dairy farm near Ballynacarrigy isn’t a small step. The overtime pays to get his car on the road, which is his first experience in car purchase. With all the trials and tribulations this can bring, but this is his story.

So on the way to Rosslare we visited Lismore Castle and woods. A fairy-tale mock-castle set amidst woodlands and rivers, but with the sad famine background as so many buildings and walls in Ireland around 1840 have been constructed to give work to the poor and struggling families for some food and shelter.



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