The Delights of New Ross and Johnstown Castle and a sea voyage

St. Mary’s Abbey, New Ross, built in 1811 and lit up at night.

Johnstown Castle

Apart from the replica of the famine ship, the Dunbrody, there is also a statue of John F. Kennedy, whose family hails from nearby and the magnificent Arboretum is named after him. But we only came here for a wander and a bite to eat on our way to Rosslare.

We did have time though to visit Johnstown Castle and its Agricultural Museum. It shows implements, machines and tells the story of the potato and the famine in Ireland.

Apart from the Department of Agriculture and the Organic Unit, who I had many dealings with over the years, the Forestry Service also operates from here. A very lovely setting, it has to be said.

And then it was time to catch the ferry to Cherbourg. After the heavy winds we had previously I was a bit concerned about the sea voyage, but – it went ever so smoothly. Just a little gentle roll that made you think you were slightly drunk when walking aboard the ship.

Bye-bye Ireland



Bon Jour Cherbour -France



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