15th of March – finally in Spain

After only 1 night spent in a small hotel near Nantes we crossed the non-existing border into northern Spain. There were some toll roads in France to cough up some loose change for, but the what I think was the border into Spain only charged 0.73 euro. Cheap, isn’t it?

Impressions of San Sebastian

We only gave ourselves two nights there to rest our weary bones. We had booked an AirB&B room and of course my sat nav let us down badly by not recognising any road names that the guy on the phone gave us. Eventually we found the hospital, one of three on the same long road and were waved down by a frantic shouting man, which turned out to be our host. We thought it was a drunk…..

So our hosts got out of their way to guide us to their very nice house in St. Sebastian. It had a garden and view of the motorway, but most importantly the bus to the town centre was only 5 minutes away and thanks to the hospital connection came every 5-10 minutes. We did not attempt to move the car once parked…..

So the next day we walked around St. Sebastian, as you can see taking in the promenade, beach and park, with the Castillo de la Mota on top.

As visibly above there are women in Spain that will feed stray cats and attract pigeons. The stray-cat feeding phenomenon I have come across again in Salou and other places.

But the Spanish also love their dogs. Which is something I will have to get used to, having more of a feline-loving nature. The funny thing is, I am allergic to dog hair and Nigel is allergic to cat hair, and yet every place I had booked had cats or/and dogs.

Another thing about St. Seb is don’t waste your money on a Paella. I have been informed this is NOT the place to sample this delightful rice-dish, as it is a traditionally dish of southern Sapin. I agree, it wasn’t so great and it was overpriced. But the pastries were so delicious that that was all we had for our evening meal.


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