16-17 March 2017 – on the road south

Medieval  Montblanc

In San Sebastian I bought an Orange sim card for my windows phone. But the internet would not work – never did, so that was no good. So on the way south, through Pamplona and taking the scenic road A2 to avoid tolls, we stopped in Zaragoza to buy a Spanish phone. Finally we were in contact with the world again and not dependent on wifi spots and our B&B having wifi. This was soothing for my nerves, because as the navigator and general travel manager I needed to get us to the way-out places that Airbnb throws up.

But that is exactly what we want – authentic Spain, rural towns or villages, with very little touristic influence. And that’s what we got in our next stop with Merche in Salas Altas. As the sat nav does not give away local info (it seems all the streets that I need are not loaded, but come up when we are just around the corner), we needed to ask in the local bar to locate Merche. Unfortunately they were not aware she was renting out rooms, so it took a while until somebody made sense of our or rather my rantings. Finally she came to collect us.

It was a lovely rural setting, with orange and wine groves, that we investigated curiously. How are they planted, pruned, trained along those wires and posts. Intriguing for an agricultural consultant with only mid-European training and lately plenty of bogland  experience and a Leitrim farmer, that knows more about rushes than raisins.





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