Cabrils 26.03-31.03


Nigel and one of the ‘Gigantes’, figures that many Spanish festivals include. The giants are usually hollow figures several meters tall, with a painted paper maché head and arms bodies are covered in clothing matching the costume’s theme.

After Salou we moved a bit closer towards the east, staying in Cabrils with Elisabeth and her big boxer dog Jacko. From there we made more serious attempts to behave like tourists and visited Barcelona. We did not do this by car, but took the bus and train, as Spain has great connections and it is so much easier and probably cheaper.

Barcelona of course has everything to offer that any traveller could ever dream of:

Parks, restaurants, museums, cathedrals, shopping, boulevards, sea-side and much more. My main interest was to see some of Gaudi’s buildings and the Gaudi exhibition. To me he is a genius comparable to Michelangelo or Da Vinci. He was inventive, not afraid to incorporate new ideas, challenging restrictive conservative views of how things should be done. His use of natural light and colour, texture and influences taken from nature are amazing.

Unfortunately we did not get to see Guell Park, but there is always another time. I did not take many photos as you can find better ones on the internet ( and on google images under Gaudi art).

Image result for gaudi art

Instead we bought tennis rackets and ping-pong bats to get a bit more serious about keeping fit. The complex we stayed in had tennis courts and table tennis tables, so we got good use out of them, so much so my hands still have blisters. It was too cold to jump into the cool looking pool. Instead we also climbed the local mountain and  looked at Castell Jaumar, see below.

Cabrils (1)

Nigel resting on top of the mountain, overlooking Mataro and the Mediterranean.


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