L’Ametlla del Valles 1.05 – 5.05 Camp Can Noble


After sharing bathrooms, meals, cats and dogs we thought it was time to treat us just a little before embarking on our first woofing experience. So I booked us into a lovely old-world villa again with extensive gardens on the outskirts of L’Ametlla del Valles. It also had a swimming pool and tennis court, but this needed our initiative to clean it up for the season.

The couple that runs the place are from Estonia and Russia, so we had a lovely Estonian-Russian-Spanish BBQ one evening. This was special, as at the moment they only serve an extensive continental breakfast with a Russian twist.

Again we took our bikes down and cycled along the river on a bicycle path along the Garriga. Not far from our villa there was a newly opened restaurant La Castell Rosanes, that serves Japanese style cuisine. This was unexpected and very nice. It also sheltered us from a thunderous downpour after our cycle tour.

There are lovely mountain villages and monasteries plentiful in this region. We went to visit Sant Miquel del Fai. It’s a very dramatic, breath taking setting high up looking down a long green valley with amazing rock formations and caves and tumbling waterfalls, if you come at the right time of year.


Another trip brought us to the small medieval village of Puls where we accidentally came across an estate agency. The lady inside was English and so we made the first real effort in gathering information about property. This lady told us we were in the ‘Golden Triangle’. This area is situated between Girona, Palamos and L’Estartit on the coast. It has very good soil and growing conditions, so land is expensive and some industries and tourism makes this also an attractive destination for French visitors.


The travel guide and our hosts told us about Empuriabrava, a former swamp that was bought up and drained by the Germans in the 70s and transformed into a marina with berthing places in front of each property,  that also have parking plots and gardens for the rich and spoiled. Well, we came, saw and ……. went. At this stage the gloss has faded and lots of properties are for sale. It is a rather artificial setting but if you have a yacht and seek a place to anchor and lay down your head in privacy it might be the place for you.


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