On the Road Again 12.-16. April


1204.Lo-Ola (3)

Pension La Ola, Grao de Castellon

After all this work we thought we deserved at least 2 days at the beach, which we had in Grao de Castellon. Our room had a view of the white sandy beach and the palm-tree lined promenade. Pension La Ola also boasts a grand restaurant with sea view. What’s not to like?

Torrevieja with Helena, car got impounded

On Good Friday we stopped over with a friend in Torrevieja. The town was congested with locals for the Easter festivities. So it was near impossible to find parking near Helena’s apartment bloc. But we did. And regretted it the next morning. Because the car was gone…. Gone with the bikes, hopefully.

The only evidence of my car was a yellow sticker on the pavement, for it had been dragged away and impounded. Now we had been a bit dubious about the whole area, it looked a bit shabby and dark, so we did wonder if our bikes were safe and checked on them on the way to the restaurant, where we were to have the ‘best paella in town’. Half an hour later the car was towed away. Tough luck.

After the Paella we had to visit the local Irish Pub. As you do. And listen to the Dubliners and Christie Moore. Well, the Irish stick together. But I can tell you once we had retrieved the car the next morning and paid the fine plus the towing (it cost us more than a room in a hotel would have) we left that town never to return.

Hotel Mi Casa, Antas

So we needed another escape and found it in Antas, at Hotel Mi Casa, which is a very cute little hotel with marble entrance and stairs, situated at a round-about. But since it was Easter weekend, there was little or no traffic. Nearby is the beach of Vera, Playas de Vera. We really wanted some normal, touristy sun-bathing after all our adventures. It so happened to be a whole Naturist area, Natsun Naturist Resort.

Natsun, located on the naturist beach of Vera Playa, with two km. sandy beach in a pinturesque bay is an excellent holiday resort in a quiet and natural scenery. Those who wish to enjoy their holiday on the Andalousian Mediterranean Coast, provided with all conveniences and many possibilities for sport and leisure, will feel at home at Natsun.

Vera Playa, well known for it’s long summers and very mild winters, is situated on one of the last streches of unspoilt Spanish Coast, and as such very appropiate for naturism in natural surroundings.

The Natsun complex, in Vera Playa, is easy to be reached by car, coach or by airplane, and is opened all year to all friends of naturism. (http://veraplaya.es/en/)

Not a problem for me, as I was well used to this form of holidaying from my childhood in Germany and Denmark. But this was the very first time for Nigel to go free of clothing in public. Seamless tanning, bliss!


 After the short beach episode we left on our way south-west, off to new adventures, that took us right into the desert of Tabernas. There we had a stop-over at the Wild West town of Fort Bravo, Texas-Hollywood.

Apparently in the 1960s and 1970s more than 100 films were partially shot at the two film sets in the bleak Almeria desert landscape of Tabernas, Oasys (formerly known as Mini Hollywood) and Fort Bravo including Westerns such as A Fistful of Dollars, The Magnificent Seven, and The Good, the Bad and the Ugly; also Lawrence of Arabia and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. More recently, an episode of Dr Who (A Town Called Mercy starring Matt Green; Series 7, episode 3) was shot here. (http://www.andalucia.com/entertainment/themeparks/minihollywood.htm).


After our drive through the deserts around Tabernas and Almeria we turned towards the sea and stopped in a lovely fishing village called ‘Adra’ for lunch. We went to the local fishermen’s restaurant right at the harbour. Only old men were left at the bar, because as usual we were getting the lunch time wrong, trying to lunch at 3 pm. But they had a selection of tapas that we hungrily devoured. We stared with 4. And had another four after that!!! With the three drinks the bill came to €12. And what a feast we had for that, delicious. (8 Tapas, 3 drinks =12€)

It just shows, go where the locals go and you won’t be disappointed.


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