28.04. – 1.05.17 From the mines to the Olive Groves of Jaen

We now wanted to leave the mountains and move further inland towards Jaen and Cordoba.

What a sight – millions of olive trees, all over the valleys and hills of Jaen province. Oceans of the small green olive tree, in rows upon rows…

We settled with Lee in Martos for a few days to admire this truly Spanish landscape, the production of 28% of the world’s olive oil. More than 60 million olive trees grow here, producing 43% of Spain’s olive oil.   [https://worldstrides.com/2013/12/jaen-spain-land-olive-tree/]

To get up and close we went on the Via Verde de Aceite, a green way on the old railway track from Martos to Jaen.

We also visited the old Arab Baths and Museum in Jaen, which is for free.

Another day brought us to the very beautiful city of Cordoba, which is comparable to Granada or Seville in its amazing architectural witnesses of an era now gone. It is impressive to see how once Islam, Judaism and Christianity existed side by side. In the long run, Christianity won out and has altered and added onto the ancient sites.

We visited the Mezquita, which is a Mosque-Cathedral. Its oldest part dates from 786-788, when it was started as a mosque by Abd al-Rahman. The latest addition was added in 1748, so many different architectural styles, like Islamic, Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque, have shaped this huge structure. And it is awe-inspiring and at the same time beautiful.

It is true, both religions have their artwork and prayer sites in this one building but respect each other’s spaces. This building-complex is big enough to give both world religions a home and allow for peaceful contemplation within its lofty airy space.


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