Beefsteak and Pork


After 8 weeks in Spain, we have learned something important – Spain does not do STEAK. In fact, they don’t do beef very well at all, in spite of the many bulls being bred and killed during the bull fighting season. If you order filete de ternera, then you get a rather thin slice of beef alright but nothing that resembles a juicy steak as we know it. I couldn’t even buy it in the supermarket. Maybe somebody can enlighten me if it can be bought at all in Spain. Obviously an Argentinean Restaurant would specialise in such carnivorous delight.

It is amazing how the former Islamic nation of Al-Andalus has adjusted to the decree of the Catholic rulers to turn Christian and with that to gorge on all things pork. The variety of pork meats, hams, sausages and dishes is astonishing. As I rather prefer to avoid pork because of it’s factory-farming fashion of production, the alternative is fish or vegetarian. Both diets are healthy and can easily be followed in the land of sun and sea.

But in fact, the Jamon Serrano, the real authentic super-expensive ham is produced from wild black pigs that forage in the woods, preferably oak woods feeding on acorns. And I can confirm this as we have seen many black pigs in the fenced-in woodlands, also some grazing together with cattle. This is the life of a happy pig.


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