Update on our purpose of this journey – house hunting

crazy Gaudi-style architecture in Algar:

After 2/3 of our planned 3 months of travelling through Spain to find a suitable place to rent, a house or finca, we have to come clean.

It ain’t happening just yet. We have spent time interviewing all persons that we could to extract information about prices and locations and mistakes and regrets and successes. There are very few properties to rent, most are for sale but we are not prepared to take that step yet.

We have seen 6 places by now, one way too expensive and too big for our needs but it was on our way and we met this wildlife photographer who had a falconry on his land. Another near Arcos was a small holding in the countryside with all sorts of fruit trees, olive trees enough to supply a year’s olive oil for a family and a vegetable garden. The house is new and modern, with a fire place and 3 bedrooms. The neighbours are Germans, English and Dutch. The owner is a loveable thin gentleman farmer with 4 languages at this disposal: Spanish, German, Italian and French, just not English. The price for rent, and or buy is reasonable. So what is wrong with it?

Not much. It just has no character, no views, and its dark inside due to the small windows. Although around this area of Arcos would be ideal for us, but others have been snapping up properties before us. We have seen two properties around El Bosque, a quaint village near the Sierra de Grazalema National Park (by the way Grazalema is the town with the most rain in Spain!!!).

One was not more than a glorified garden shed with little to recommend for itself other than the lovely setting and the wild garden. The other was a really lovely house – but no garden. Instead it had next door a triangular plot that can be purchased for €30,000 which is unbelievable as you can buy 1 ha of land for €6,000.

Since Algar we have seen another three properties. One of these is near Almonte. It has a nice big house, which is unfortunately is not completed and 5 ha of neglected olive trees. It tickles our fancy as we can see ourselves getting those olive trees back into shape. But the price is too high.

So we have to get up and go elsewhere to try again. But first we go on holidays to the sandy beaches of Spain and Portugal before going on the long journey home to Ireland. Hopefully not for long, as we have other travel plans before settling down in Spain.

Bugs and plants and booze….




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