21.05. – 31.05 Monte Gordo , Portugal

Monte Gordos beach is an extension of the lovely soft sandy beaches of the Costa de la Luz. It goes on for miles. And even now at the beginning of June it is relatively empty, but filling up slowly as the hotel attendants bring out loungers, wind breakers and a little table to collect fees. Time to go!

One evening on the way to the bar we met a little Dutch great-grandmother who was rather drunk and unsteady. Nigel chatted her up as we were a bit concerned whether she would make it safely home. She told us her life story and we said good-bye near her hotel. When you have lost your husband and your kids are grown and you want a bit of sunshine you have to travel solo. But in a place like Monte Gordo that is quite safe. Lots of Dutch come here and bring their bicycles. So now there is bike hire everywhere and you feel as if you are in Amsterdam.

Again we were very lucky with our Airbnb choice, as we had a whole apartment with large terrace for a knock-down price of €30/night. This was in walking distance to the beach.

One day we took a drive into the hinterlands and the fishing village of Fuseta with its archipelago of sandy beaches.

In Vila Real de Santo Antonio you can get free books to read on the beach and advice in the tourist office and there is a gorgeous fish restaurant at the end of the harbour where the campers park, called Tasquinha da Muralha. It looks like a shack and has wobbly benches outside. But inside you can choose your fresh fish caught the same morning from the chilled display, it is weight and then baked in loads of olive oil and garlic and served with fresh bread and salad. We had green wine with it, which the owner had on hand from Northern Spain. Absolutely Delicious! And the price of €22.50 for two was also very easy to digest.

One day was spent driving around looking at more real estate with our agent. Most of these split up farms have relatively new farm houses with up to 5 bedrooms and around 5 ha of olive, fruit or almond trees. Some we liked, but not the price. So now it is a waiting game to let the prices cool. In the meantime we will try to learn about how to look after almonds and olives to be prepared shall we become care-takers of a small holding.

Pictures prove oranges are all-year round growing on trees (see mature and small green fruits middle right). The tree on top is a carob tree with the carob pods.


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