To Spain via Canada


We have some time to enjoy Ireland still – this is Loughcrew Cairns near Oldcastle, Co. Meath.

Our plans are still as they were – we will move back to Spain in August.

But before that my house and garden needed sprucing up in order to rent it.

And it looks good, I am sad to leave my little sanctuary behind.

It gave me solitude after my partner died of cancer, it hosted parties, my two kids and I had lovely weekends here and it was my place of work as an agricultural consultant working from home in between assignments abroad.

But now we embark on an adventure, this is our year of exploration and travel, hence the blog name ‘Nigelika-on-tour’.

So my kids packed up their stuff leaving me with tears in my eyes.

I have packed as far as I can cope with having to separate things into:

  1. things to bring to Canada
  2. things to bring on the journey back by car and ferry to Spain
  3. and things to go into storage to be shipped over when we have finally found a place to call home. And this could take until next year!

As per instruction from the auctioneer we had to put 4 holes into my house, for the vents in bathrooms and bedrooms. Luckily my neighbour Joe has done this in his own home and had the gear and the expertise. But it is some noisy and dusty business!

In the course of preparing my son’s bedroom for this, we found the floor had subsided due to rotten floorboards under the laminate. So Nigel proceeded in ripping out a section of the floor and replaced beams and sheeting. Now it looks as good as new and is probably the safest area in the room. All this with 3 days to go until hand-over!

Our tickets to Vancouver are booked with Air Canada Rouge for €500 return per person, a steal!

I had booked the flights before realising my passport is as of by the 22nd of August, but the eTA, electronic Travel Authorisation were obtained for entrance into Canada. Also the necessary travel insurance is in place so we are nearly ready to go.

I have never been outside of Europe, Canary Islands don’t count as they belong to Spain, even though they are west of North Africa.

So this will be my very first long-haul flight and I am full of trepidations as I hate to be locked up in a small space. But age seems to have mellowed me as the road trip through Spain was fine, but after 4 hours I have enough of being strapped in my seat. And I am a firm believer that every two hours a driver needs to have a break to shake out and stretch the legs. The flight to Vancouver is direct from Dublin, 9h 25m. So I hope to be in the oblivion of sleep most of it. It helps that the airline now has free Wi-Fi on board.

When we return to Ireland in August to collect the car and belongings, we will have no home to go to. But my amazing friend Fiona offered her house and two dogs as a refuge. She is in Uganda and Kenya, having an adventure herself, working for the Charity VVM.

Our packed car will be parked at my friendly neighbour farmer’s house, so all is taken care of.


View from Lough Crew Cairns


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