This blog is our journey to a new life in Spain.

Nigel and I, Angelika, together as Nigelika-on-tour, are embarking on an adventure to find a new life, a new home in a new country.

We are moving from Leitrim (Nigel) and Longford (Angelika) in Ireland to somewhere in Spain.

As Nigel is leaving his absolutely beautiful farm near Dromahair, we need to find a spot, that is as least as wonderful as that. Just warmer, drier and more fun to live.

I will regularly post updates of our search for our little paradise, because I would like our family and friends to follow our journey, so they know we are still alive and happy. I will try and be honest about our trials and tribulations, what shouldn’t be hard as I am German and mostly cannot but be brutally honest.

We will bring with us my little Toyota Auris, our clothes, maps, a laptop, a Garmin sat nav and Spanish dictionary, as we do not speak Spanish -yet, and lots of goodwill, hope, a sense of adventure and a pinch of madness ….


9 thoughts on “About

  1. Sounds great. Best of luck in the travels. Look forward to reading all about it. Here, I had my first swim in the Swilly and all veggie seedlings are doing v well in the glasshouse.


  2. Dear Angeliki and Nigel
    Lee your host in Martos. Loving the blog. will take time to read in more detail. Follow your journey. If you end up in Andalucia would be great to meet up again.
    Lovely meeting you both. Health and hapiness


  3. It was really nice to meet you… and we love your blog! Lets stay in contact. We wish you “von ganzem Herzen” that all your dreams come true!
    Big hug from Martin and Necha


  4. great to hear from you Nigel..good.luck to you and Ankgelica and i will definitely on ye for the olive harvest..all the beat John


  5. Hi Angelika and Nigel. Keep us posted on your tribulations and triumphs. Hope you get Almonte sorted asap as there’s not a lot in Matalascanas especially this time of the year. Donana national park is amazing but I think the mozzies saw “tourist” written on my forehead and selected me for dinner! Next time I’ll bring mozzie spray! Have a great adventure. It’ll be brilliant and you’ll never regret the move. Pat Cavanagh


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